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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pRiSOn BrEAk KEmBALi..!

cntek kan poster ni

~~ yeyeah..i like thz series 'PRISON BREAK'..actually rizz x follow from season 1.juzz folow dri season 2 until now lah..suka tgok cte ni pon sbb hero die yg macho itew haaharrr....wenworth miller!.mletops.. ok lah same 2 la kte myaksikannya di 8tv ok..setiap isnin kul 10.30 mlm.ngee~~~~

sinopsis season 4 nih..

The fourth season starts with Michael avenging Sara's "death", before learning that Gretchen did not kill her as he thought. Michael also learns the truth about Whistler, that he has secretly been working alongside Mahone to take down the Company. A Company operative takes Whistler's life shortly after this. Sona has burned down and Sucre, Bellick and T-Bag have escaped during the chaos. After returning to Chicago to look for Sara, Michael is arrested and recruited by Don Self (Michael Rapaport), a Department of Homeland Security agent, to help bring down the Company in exchange for his freedom. Lincoln, who was arrested in Panama is transferred to Chicago, and along with Mahone, Sucre, and Bellick with whom a deal is made. Also joining the group are Sara, who escaped from Gretchen which resulted in Gretchen's own captivity by the Company, having failed to secure a valuable item, and Roland (James Hiroyuki Liao), a hacker who was assigned to help them after getting arrested for identity theft. Together, they devise a plan to retrieve Scylla, thought of as the Company's 'little black book', from the Company that will help to destroy them. In the meantime, Wyatt (Cress Williams), an agent from the Company, attempts to track Michael and Lincoln down. When the group eventually succeeds in stealing Scylla, Self betrays them and tries to sell Scylla, but fails. Towards the end of the series, it is revealed that Michael and Lincoln's mother is still alive and has obtained Scylla.

p/s :wah penjara sona dh burn.ahakss

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Blog Anuar Kamaruddin™ said...

poster cantek? bese2 jer

hero macho? bese2 jer

kikiki :p